América’s Page!

America Ari was born and raised in the community of Ingas, which pertains to our parish of San Pedro de Mocomoco. She’s the second of four children — the eldest girl. In the Aymara culture, the eldest girl almost dedicated to work in the home, destined to marry early.

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But America was different. When we met her in catechism at age 11, she had a “spark.” That spark became an academic flame and she graduates first in her class in 2016.

With little or no resources in the family — they are subsistence farmers — her talents had nowhere to go. She dreamt of a career in accounting.

So we invited América to become a volunteer member of our pastoral team, to live with us for a year, and spend that year preparing emotionally, academically and spiritually for the big shift from a rural high school (far below standards) to an urban university. We promised to find the funds to pay for her education.

That’s where you come in.

We need $5,000 for her scholarship fund. Her parents will struggle to pay her food and housing. Other donors will fund this preparatory year. Won’t you help?

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