Cyrille with the "jeep"

Cyrille with the “jeep”

After much work, haggling with customs and other things, we have two new autos. Thanks to your donations, the Adveniat Foundation, and the Vincentian Solidarity Office, we were able to purchase two new Toyota Land Cruisers (model 2013, but with O miles): one for Cyrille in Italaque and the other for Diego in Mocomoco. As you might remember, Cyrille’s vehicle was stolen earlier in the year, and Diego’s Toyota 4Runner was on its last legs. They now can do their work in safety, and with much better range on a tank of gas.

Diego with the "wagon"

Diego with the “wagon”

The Kickstarter campaign was a bust, but thank you to all those who shifted their donations to our direct donation page to fulfill a pledge! We’re heading toward our goal. The exterior work is almost complete, and now we’re just waiting for funds to renovate the interior and the tower! Help us if you can! There are “before and after” photos of the work in progress on the “Save our Church” page. I’ll post a few more pictures when it stops raining!