Dear2013-06-29 21.08.43-1 friends of the Bolivian Mission:

Thank you for your constant prayerful and financial support of the mission. As you have seen on the blog and on Facebook, things continue to advance, as we enjoy much success thanks to you! The impact is indeed “miraculous”!

In order to continue our service we need to replace two vehicles — each with over 200,000 hard miles! We have identified Toyota Land Cruisers as the vehicles of choice: both for safety, utility and low maintenance and operating costs. The total price tag is $104,000, and we’re well on our way. With donations from foundations and the international Vincentian community, we’ve raised $79,322! That leaves $24,678 to go! The good news is that we have a dollar-for-dollar match in place to raise the final moneys. FOR EVERY DOLLAR YOU DONATE WE WILL RECEIVE AN EQUAL AMOUNT FROM THE DONOR UNTIL WE REACH OUR GOAL!

Please be as generous as you can and donate now at the donation page. Instructions are there for online donation or by check. As usual, the donations will be processed by the Miraculous Medal Association for transfer here.

Thanks in advance, and may God continue to bless you and yours!