flags of the Vincentian World
flags of the Vincentian World
Sorry! I’ve been busy. I went to World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, and the Vincentian Youth week that preceded it. A fantastic experience! I’m not a “Pope” type, but this was really special. And the Vincentian week before it was (for me) even better. To meet so many members of the “family” was a great gift. Pictures here.

I’ve been suffering with the flu for 10 days and it’s just about over. It was a bad one. But a “pick me up” is that tonight, Dennis Holtschneider and Tim Lyons arrive for a one-week visit. We’ll do a little Altiplano tour, and then visit the parish and some of our communities. I’ll take pictures and post on this — promise!

my_worldOn a personal note, those of you who write and “Facebook” really keep me going. The last few months have been tough — building projects have been a struggle, and some of our youth have been a bit of a disappointment. Diego, Flora and I give our all, but it’s hard work. And not being a native Spanish speaker sometimes gets in the way of our relationships, too. Thankfully, they both have big, honest hearts. We’ll grow together and keep working. They are two of the finest people I have ever met. My new friend Yudy is back in Ambaná, so I won’t see her for months, but there’s always text and cell (no internet in Ambaná). Keep me in your prayers.


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  1. Glad to see you back… prayers for the quick relief of the cold.

  2. Bernadette

    HEAL! and may your confreres from your own province bring you comfort and the blessings of all your Vincentian community ;109 Price included!

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