So, the sixth, seventh and eighth of September were days of much joy, dancing, eating, talking, praying — it was a fine celebration of the Nativity of Mary, patroness of Mocomoco. Some of our students were home, helping us with all the preparation and execution. It took a lot of planning and preparation, but everything turned out well. People “return home” for this feast, so the town was packed with folks. The center of everything is indeed a special devotion to the Mary. People, while celebrating in grand style, make frequent visits to church to pray and light candles. The culmination is a great procession on the eighth following Mass.

We opened “Cafetería La Esperanza” in the Library (the library is named after Esperanza, a little girl who was murdered in 2009), serving coffee, hot chocolate and pastries all day-every day! People flocked to sample the tasty treats prepared by Flora Silva, our pastoral associate, who conceived of the idea as a way to supplement your generosity with some local income. It was such a resounding success we’re going to open every Sunday and every Fiesta!

Befitting the celebration, there were Masses and communal rosaries all weekend long, with the Church filled to overflowing. Diego was in his element as both priest and dancer! There are so many photos I didn’t know how to choose, so here’s a link to them all! Processions, open-air markets, street games (foosball!), dancers, very pretty dancers…. They’re all VGA resolution so I didn’t have to spend all night uploading 🙂