A priest. First, last and always, Tom was dedicated to the preaching of the Gospel. He wanted people to understand, believe and put into action Jesus’ law of love. Missioner, Campus Minister, Teacher, Retreat Master, Scholar, Priest.


An explorer. Always looking for something new in the world, Tom had the joy of a world tour when he was developing the Vincentian Renewal Program with Jack Conway, C.M. (+). Artist, Lover of Music, Chef, Movie afficionado, World Traveler. Priest.


A friend. My friend. Tom believed that friendship the highest relationship to which one could aspire. He worked hard at being a friend. “I no longer call you servants;  I call you friends,” said Jesus. He believed that being a good friend made him a better priest.

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7 thoughts on “Thomas S. Krafinski, C.M.

  1. Joe Amato

    Aidan, I doubt any of us could have described Fr.Tom any better or any more accurately. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Kathleen

    What a beautiful tribute for a beautiful man.

  3. Liz Kelly

    and his friendship not only made him a better priest but made us better people.

  4. Tom Burke

    I met Tom when we both taught at St. John’s Prep in the early 1970s. He was a special person and an all around great guy. I’ll miss him!

  5. Ross Reyes Dizon

    As a young student at MIS, Northampton, PA, I looked up to Tom Krafinski. I thought he was as intelligent as anybody in his class. I was sure then he was destined for the academe. But surely the preaching ministry could and did use his articulateness and his theological depth, both very intelligent and very intelligible. May Tom rest in peace; may his memory be ever cherished and blessed.

  6. James Costello

    Father Tom was a special person and i am sad to hear of his passing. He taught me at Saint Johns Prep in the early 70’s.
    He was extremely intelligent and had great depth in his presentations.
    i sometimes visited with him at his home and he was a great friend to me ………..aloha Father Tom

  7. Frank Cunder

    For many years , the Vincentian priests living at St. Joseph ‘s seminary/renewal center in Plainsboro , N.J. assisted some of the local pastors with their parishes . St. Cecilia ‘ s in Monmouth Junction , N.J. was one such fortunate parish . It was while I was a parishioner there that I had first met many of the Vincentians , including each of Fr. Tom Krafinski , C.M. and Fr. Aidan Rooney . Although I have enjoyed reading Fr. Aidan ‘ s wonderful post about Fr. Tom several times , I would now like to add a minor comment to it . I do not think that Fr. Tom ” worked hard at being a friend . ” True , he was a great friend to many of us , but he didn ‘ t have to work hard at it – it came naturally to him . I am convinced that Fr. Tom is now with his Good Friend , Jesus , and that he is still befriending many of us by interceding for our needs .

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