Every year on August sixth, Bolivia celebrates its independence day. It’s marked by parades, physical education demonstrations, poetry declamations, and interminable political speeches and events. In Mocomoco, it’s a wonderful affair, and a time for our students in university or technical training to return home to celebrate and engage in some continuing formation. Here they are, carrying the “wiphala”, a banner adopted by the indigenous people as their own. Every year our wiphala gets longer. One day we hope it will encircle the plaza with graduates and students!

The day is hosted by the local High School, and the graduating class of 2012 played a prominent role, preparing the event with the parents association. Besides marching in the parade, they also presented a dance — the Cueca — as a gift to the people. We hope one of them will enter our group. It’s a great joy to see them advance.

In the bright sunshine, we sat with the local authorities, enjoying the splendor of the day. We had a nice conversation with the new director of the High School, and it looks like we’ll be able to be more involved than ever before. God keeps opening doors! Here are some other photos of our group.