Roberto and I headed up to Wayrapata, one of the communities in our parish, for a visit to celebrate their patronal feast of St. James. The actual feast was Tuesday, July 25, so when we arrived on Sunday they were still celebrating with a football tournament. As you can see from this first photo, it lives up to its name: the chapel is located on a high (4700 meter), windy promontory. If it looks like quite a climb, it is!

The folks began to gather, in anticipation of Mass and the celebration of three baptisms. The chapel is made of a combination of stone, adobe and metal and timber roof. Because it was sunny, and not to windy, we began to gather outside. You can sit with your back against the front of the chapel and soak up the warm sun! from there, the view is exceptional — out over the valley to the hills and mountains of Peru in the distance. Unfortunately, this shot was taken almost directly into the sun.