I spent the day with the workmen in Wilacala, making great progress on our Chapel/Formation Center for the altiplano zone of our parish. They were painting the interior and prepping the exterior for paint Monday and Tuesday. Meanwhile, Mario Porto (head honcho on the project) and I began to install the lighting fixtures. There are four internal pillars, each having four sconces. We were installing the seventh when yours truly dropped Diego’s drill from the platform we were working on (20 feet down). Of course, it decided to land precisely on the trigger, smashing it to bits. I’ll either have it repaired (if possible) this week, or purchase a new one. Embarrassing, but better the drill than me!

Meanwhile, the guys will keep working. After the paint’s dry, I’ll install some washable wall hangings to add color to the space and allow for some seasonal variety We can change and store the hangings. The first set are of the wiphala (the adopted banner of the indigenous people here) with a white chakana (andean cross) in the center. The community’s crucifix will be suspended in the center of the chakana. Along side, the words “Hail Mary” and “Mother of God” in Aymara will hang.

The space is divided by the pillars in three parts. We’ll use the center space for worship (unless it’s a feast and then we’ll need the whole chapel); one side space for formation leaving a nice wall space for projections, and where an image of Saint Vincent will be displayed; and the other side, which has windows, for a place to share our post-celebration apthapi (common meal). On this side, too, will be a hanging of one of the great mountains of the area, Wayna Potosi, as a backdrop for the community’s statue of Our Lady of the Rosary, to whom the chapel is dedicated. When we have a donor for our altar and ambo, all will be complete and ready for the dedication on October 6, the first day of our triduum of Our Lady of the Rosary. Thanks for supporting this beautiful and necessary project. Here are the three images mentioned above.

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