Sometimes, life is just normal. The last couple of weeks was filled with pretty regular stuff. I visited communities, we had a reunion of the catechists in the almost-finished lay formation center/chapel in Wilacala (Diego took photos and I’ll do another post), I did some planning with our contractor for a proposed project in 2013, cleaned the rose garden in Mocomoco, then came back to El Alto.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that the cellular connection in Mocomoco has been terrible for data transfer, which has meant twitter only for a while. Today, after Mass with Diego and Cyrille celebrating the Daughters of Charity Martyrs of Arras, I went to the local office of Tigo (my cell carrier) to complain, and the rep was terrific: composing and sending an e-memo to the regional tech as I watched. He says someone should be out to check things on Monday. We’ll see 🙂

This afternoon, I did a formation session for the La Paz Ladies of Charity (AIC) on personal and collective identity and the Vincentian Charism. Lots of fun, good participation. Then, off to shop for food for the house here and in Mocomoco. Which is where I found the mini chips! Life is ordinary, but sweeter tonight!

As you can see, I’ve put some good weight on, larger due to more calories and continuing the pushup pullup regimen I started as a Facebook challenge with my friend Karis (yes, Carl and Mary’s daughter). Feel’s good, and no increase in the waistline!