I’ve had some time to think things through here.

Let me start by telling you what’s up with the mission. First, Father Emilio, a Peruvian Vincentian who joined us last March, decided to head home after one year here. He served well, but decided that life here wasn’t for him. W e wish him well in his new assignment in his home Province. So, that leaves three of us — Diego and I in Mocomoco and Cyrille in Italaque. As a community, we’ve decided, with the Bishop’s agreement and the agreement of our General Council in Rome, to re-form the mission as a team effort. No more “pastors” of the parishes; we’ll have joint responsibility for pastoral planning and activity. Diego and Cyrille will continue supervising activity in the two parishes and I’ll work between the two. Additionally, I’ll work toward the integration of our mission with the other Vincentian mission in Huayllani (near Cochabamba), and also work more closely with the other branches of the Vincentian Family here in Bolivia. This should eventually give us more impact and more flexibility. Also, it should be easier to welcome and integrate new missionaries (we’re not expecting any soon, though).

Next: I’m finding it more difficult to make time to blog, so I’ve included a Twitter feed (at the right) and I’ll be using the cell phone to tweet and post short blog entries with a single photo using an app on the phone. We’ll see how that works. ***UPDATE*** I decided on the twitter widget at the side. Hope you like it. Just got back from Cochabamba. We had a good meeting (Vincentian Family) and I enjoyed the warmer climes 🙂

Finally, I’ve begun planning for a possible fundraising event in Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon, January 13, 2013. I’m not sure if it’s a definite “go” yet, but I’ll give ample advance notice. Please mark your calendars now. If it goes, we’ll also provide some kind of internet live streaming video and commenting possibility if you can’t be present at the event. I won’t be home for long if I get there — two weeks maximum and part of that is our Provincial Assembly.

That’s it for now. I’m off to Cochabamba tomorrow to meet with our confreres and the coordinating team of the Vincentian Family. Thanks again for all your support!