This year’s Pascal Triduum was again a thing a beauty with great particpation from our young people. It serves as a kind of “retreat” for our university students (who return home for the weekend) and the older members of our catechetics program.

A highlight of the the three days are a pilgrimage to the Calvary shrine high above Mocomoco, praying the stations of the cross along the way. At the top, we have a common meal — everybody has brought something to share.

After celebrating the Easter Vigil, we launch into a piece of local fun/folklore: the “last testament of Judas,” where the peccadilloes of local residents are ready aloud in the plaza to much laughter. Then, we parade an effigy of Judas, ending by blowing it up with firecrackers! Don’t ask me how it started, but the folks thoroughly enjoy it. Then, we share hot chocolate with everyone. It was a happy Easter!