I’ve been back here in Bolivia since March 8, and it’s been a whirlwind. Almost immediately after my return, I was due in Cochabamba for the annual meeting of the Vincentian Family in Bolivia (FAVIBO). It was a lovely gathering of folks from various parts of Bolivia — members of our “family”: the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, the International Association of Charity, the Daughters of Charity, the Vincentian Marian Youth, the Association of the Miraculous Medal, and us (the Congregation of the Mission). The gathering was on the role of the laity in Vincentian Mission, as well as some ordinary structural business, punctuated by lovely prayer and much singing and dancing.

I returned to Mocomoco, and we prepared to welcome Vincentian Father Eli Chaves Dos Santos, a member of the General Council who was coming to visit. Despite rainy days, we had a great visit, as he visited communities with us in Mocomoco and Italaque, got to know some of our folks, and to see our works in action. We took him to celebrate with the folks in Wilacala and to see the new Church you and the people of Wilalcala have built there. He was ecstatic over our work at development and systemic change in the Sayt’asim (Stand up!) project in Italaque — visiting the community of Huyu Huyu, and Nayrar Sarapxañani (Forward Together) in Mocomoco. He was treated to night out in La Paz with our scholarship students.

Both of these projects, supported by your generosity use a variety of educational and health/wellness interventions to allow the folks to take charge of their own futures. There are a few more photos of Eli’s visit and of the Vincentian Family gathering for your viewing pleasure!

Yesterday, we began Holy Week with a grand procession. Please continue to pray with us during this holy time. I’ll have pictures of the Triduum next week!