I don’t know why, but I didn’t take many photos this Christmas. It was a wonderfully busy time, beginning with a “pre-Christmas” dinner with some of our students at “Megaburger” in La Paz. The burgers are lousy, but being with the kids was great. Those of you who are helping support them will recognize some of them. From left around: Elvira, Claudia, Felix, Ramiro, some-guy-at-the-other-table, Carmen, me, half of Ivan, Juvenal, Oscar, and Jhonny. Diego took the photo and Flora is hiding behind Ramiro. Diego took lots of photos, so I’ll borrow some of his for a posting later in the week.

We also had our fourth reunion of catechists. The day is part formation, part info sharing, and at Christmastime, we present them with a Christmas basket-of-cheer and a special thank you gift. This year it was a Vincent De Paul windbreaker. We couldn’t do what we do without them! You’ll notice I don’t have a windbreaker. We order me an XL and, of course, the sleeves were “Bolivian” length, which means three-quarter length for me! It’s being altered.

Christmas eve and Christmas day we visited with folks in in both the valley and Altiplano areas of the parish, bringing gifts and celebrating Word and Eucharist. It was a long, wonderful weekend. Sunday, up on the Altiplano was rainy and cold. It was so cold in the yet-to-be-finished chapel in Wilacala I could see my breath during the Mass. One of the lovely traditions here is the kids making Christmas creches. The figures are made from dried mud, and they are absolutely precious (the kids and the figurines!). This little group of piggies had their own separate pen! I hope your Christmas was as joyful as mine…. Peace!