The performance space isn’t completely done — we still need to add finishing cement to make it look pretty, complete rear wind-break wall, and landscape a little — but it was usable, so we had a little dedication and blessing (Christian and Aymara traditional!) with participation of lots of students. Thank you all who donated so generously. This is a resource that simply would have been impossible without your help, and the hard physical labor of the young people of Elizardo Perez High School and other members of the community of Ingas. It was a happy day despite overcast skies as the students took the stage!

The young people are thrilled. It will get a lot of use over the years. In the picture above, a student inveighs against the lingering racism in Bolivian society!

Here are the rest of the photos. Next year, Matt Mezzacappa, of St. V’s in Germantown, may come to direct!