For various reasons I need not go into here, I ended up back in El Alto yesterday. It’s cold and rainy, so I was home all day indulging in my favorite new hobby: coding an Android App for the Vincentians. Eventually I’ll learn to code for Apple, but I’m blocked from being a “developer” here in Bolivia for some strange reason. I’ve written to Apple support to see what’s up.

Android is a surprisingly easy system to master, using Java code as its base, and there’s a world of tutorials and easy-to-use programs in the Google Code and Open Source worlds. Here are a few little mockups of the GUI I’m working on (click on any image to see a larger version):

Tomorrow I’ll take a break from this, and work on some material for fundrasing strategies that I need to get into the hands of good ol’ Jeff Schreifels (follow Jeff on Twitter) of St. Vincent’s in Germantown who has generously offered to help us with setting up a little organization in the USA.