Yeah, it’s a little bit crazy. I was talking with the professor of this year’s graduation class in a community called Ingas. He identified a need in the High School there: a small performance space where the students could experiment with drama, public speaking, forensics, poetry — you name it. He says (and it’s true in other communities, too) that the curriculum and current teaching methodology just don’t help the students in their growth in these areas. And so, if they go on to college, they have trouble with all types of oral communication and self-presentation. Not to mention that there might be a Bolivian actor or poet or president waiting to be discovered in Ingas! The faculty, students and their parents are willing to do all the physical labor to make it a reality. They need our financial help to acquire the materials.

I’ve already written to some folks with whom I have some “theater” connection and/or love of the performing arts. They’ve responded so far with donations totaling $1500. But we need $4,000.00 for materials. Can you help with a donation of $25, or $50, or $100 or more? If so, please go to donations page on my blog at and follow the instructions for online or mail donations through the Miraculous Medal Association (every dollar comes to us!). Make sure you mark it “Bolivia- Theater.” Thanks in advance…