… like repainting the kitchen can be a real joy. While Diego was on vacation in Spain, Flora and I took on the task of redecorating. Cleaning, plastering, sanding, and finally painting. I built some new shelves (hand tools only) and we had a gentleman add a new counter to the right of the stove (it had been an old table covered with plastic). To add color (to the bone white walls), we added some prints of the famous Bolivian artist Mamani Mamani. Here’s the full gallery of renovation photos (including some “before” pix).

Then, I was in Cochabamba for the national meeting of the Vincentian Family. When those photos are gathered, I’ll do a longer post just on that event.

Upon Diego’s return, we launched into the four-day visit of the image of La Virgen de Copacabana. The image is on pilgrimage throughout our zone, so we were here, there and everywhere. After I get back from my vist to the States, I’ll post pictures of that experience.