I want to introduce you to Nur Gorayeb, the first Bolivian Ozanam scholar at St. John’s University. The Ozanam Scholars Program is among the notable accomplishments of St. John’s under its current president, Father Donald J. Harrington, C.M. Nur has just graduated from Highlands International School in La Paz, where she lives with her family. She is fluent in Spanish, English and Arabic. Her Mom and Dad, Sofia and Basam, are from Lebanon, but Nur is unabashedly “boliviana”. She has two younger sisters.

Nur’s family has been and continues to be a great support to the confreres of the Bolivian mission — both professionally and personally. Basam advises us on our business needs here, and he and his family welcome us into their home for rest, food, and wonderful celebrations. Here are some pictures from Basam’s recent birthday party.

I’m going to ask Nur to do an audio interview soon so she can tell you more about herself. Please pray for Nur and her family during this time of great transition in her life. And, of course, continue to pray for all of us here in Bolivia.


One thought on “A Bolivian Ozanam Scholar!

  1. Victoria Migliore

    I am a Campus Ministry Administrator at St. John’s University. Campus Ministers are available to our students to be a presence on campus if they need a resource or anything during their time at St. Johns. Campus Ministry also provides programs to get the students involved in their faith life, Vincentian service and reflection opportunities, social justice awareness, leadership and community. I am so excited to meet Nur. I worked and lived with the Daughters of Charity at Solomon Klein for two months in Cochabamba and I studied with the Maryknoll community there at the Instituto de Idiomas. While I was there, I visited Copacabana and La Paz. I have wonderful and special memories and I learned so much. Everything about the people, culture, food and lifestyle was beautiful and left an imprint on my heart and life! It will be great to have Nur at St. John’s.

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