Jeff Schreifels, and old buddy from St. Vincent’s in Germantown, asked that I think about publishing homilies and reflections like I used to when this blog was called “Finding Our Way.”
I didn’t want to clutter up this blog or my Facebook account so, with iPadio, we decided I would open a second “channel,” called “Aidan’s Musings” in addition to the “Voces Vicentinas” channel that posts here. I’m going to try to post my Sunday and occasional Church and Vincentian feast day homilies (in English) and any conferences I give (in Spanish, usually). Sundays will probably post Sunday night or Monday morning, when I’m somewhere with decent bandwidth. In a pinch, if I’m going to be in Mocomoco without returning to El Alto for a while, which happens with regularity, I may try cellphoning in a short homily. You can receive notice of new phlog-homilies by following me on twitter (fatherratgmail) and look for the #ipadio hash, or by registering for email alerts at my Aidan’s Musings on iPadio.