I’ve set aside some time this weekend to write formal thank you notes (and Christmas cards). I’m kind of overcome with how generous you all have been. I received a report of donations made through the Miraculous Medal Association. These, combined with other “in person” donations while I was home total over $17,000. I’m so grateful to you all for making our work here possible.

I’ll be heading up to Mocomoco tomorrow or Friday. We have our cactechists gathering this weekend, adn I’ll also be going to Wilalcala to bless the continuing work on the chapel there. It’s time to put the roof on the building, and that’s always a special occasion here. Today, I received news that someone is going to pay for the church door — a beautiful wood and metal creation in the local style. We’ve applied for a grant for the “fine” work — plastering and interior decoration. I’ll post some pictures next week.

Happy Advent, and, again, thank you.