An exciting new project is blossoming in our mission at the parish of San Miguel de Italaque. Led by our confrere Cyrille de la Barre de Nantueil, the Sayt’asim Project’s goal is to enable the Aymara People of the region of Italaque to “stand up” and to become agents of their own communitarian development, and of the integral promotion and improvement of the quality of life, by way of prevention and intervention in three different action levels: a children’s center, a school support center and a communitarian handcraft workshop.
Through a preventive, formative and promoting perspective, the Sayt’asim Project
looks to:
– At the children center level: decrease the undernourishment and infantile mortality, promoting the integral development of children.
– At the school support level: lowering the student attrition level and reducing the illiteracy rate, increasing the learning level and opening new perspectives of studies and life.
– At the communitarian handcraft workshop level: transforming the socio-economic and human situation in a personal, familial and communitarian way, reducing rates of migration and rural exodus and of familial disintegration, in Italaque and in the 29 surrounding villages.
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