I made it back here to Bolivia, without a hitch. It was great to visit with as many of you as I was able. I got here early Sunday morning the 28th of November. Monday, Diego, Cyril and I went to the Diocesan Assembly — a four-day event that can test anyone’s patience, especially busy priests and lay leaders who have work to do. Endless needless reports, meaningless data. At least the food, the music and the companionship was nice.

Friday, I headed up to Mocomoco, and paid a pastoral visit to Tucuya, a small community in a neighboring valley. Diego went to Capuya, a nearby village. The folks were wonderfully welcoming, and the rains finally came as we were celebrating Eucharist. It’s been so dry here that the planting has been delayed.

On the way to Tucuya and Capuya, we visited Wilalcala to see the progress on the church construction. The picture above is of the “work-in-progress.” I’m happy to see how far they’ve gotten. Your support has made this possible. The roof should start going on this week. There are a few other pictures and some quick photos of the revised design at my Picasa space.

New on the blog: cuando puedo, voy a recordar el programa del radio (o una parte) de Diego Plá, C.M., nuestro párroco. Cada domingo, él presenta un programa llamada “Dios Habla Hoy,” reflecciones, musica y comentario sobre las lecturas del domingo. Haga un clic arriba donde está indicada….