Tuesday, I leave for the States for a while, and hope to see many of you. This last week was a wonderful week of celebration. We (Diego, C.M., Flora – our director of social outreach, Cyril, C.M.-pastor of San Miguel de Italaque, Violetta – director of social outreach at SM, and Jesús – lead catechist at SM) had a wonderful St. Vincent’s feast day Eucharist and meal together in Italaque. Then, on Wednesday, we returned for the Feast of the Archangels at Italaque, where we celebrated Eucharist with the parish and participated in the procession. Cyril took lots of pictures, and I’ll eventually post them for you. Here’s one from my phone of Flora and Diego as we waited for Mass to begin on Wednesday. Diego is enjoying sitting in a sixteenth century “throne”!
While I’m in the States, I’ll probably post short notices about my visits and travels.