Occasionally, we go for a visit and nobody’s there. This was the case with Usuraya, a little village below us in the Valley. There are a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the information doesn’t get communicated, other times the folks just have to harvest and they have work to do. So, Don Roberto, Juvenal (one of our college students home on vacation) and I had a little day trip to lower altitudes and warmer temperatures. God is good!

And, occasionally, the sun blinds us as we drive, and some kids have put a big boulder in the road. This was the case the other day. We hit the rock at about 60 km/hr and shattered the steering damper and cracked the transfer case. We were all together in Diego’s car (Diego, Flora, y yo, Flora’s three kids, and Ramiro — another of the college students), since we were going to be visiting communities together and didn’t need two cars with us. Luckily, we hit it dead center, so the impact didn’t knock us off the road or into oncoming traffic. We were able to drive the car slowly to Escoma, and fairly large town on our normal rout to Mocomoco, and borrowed a car from the Medical Volunteers there. We continued with our weekend activities. Then, a good friend of the community who lives in El Alto drove my car to Escoma and we returned to EL Alto Sunday night (unplanned) to see about repairs. Turns out the parts have to come from another country. Thus, life in the missions.

Next week, I’ll head to Cochabamba for a Bolivian Bishops’ Conference meeting on indigenous music — I’ve written some psalm tones based on the Aymaran liturgical music and our Bishop wants me to present them and get to know other musicians here in Bolivia. Life keeps taking interesting turns…. Don’t forget to donate 🙂