Okay, you knew it was coming:

Project: Build a Church for Wilacala — an Aymara community of the Altiplano. Materials: $8,000.00. Labor: us.

Project: Misión San Pedro 2010: deliver solid Catholic formation and spread devotion to Our Lady in a six-month, far-flung mobile mission. Materials: $4,700.00.

Project: Misión San Vicente 2011-2015: deliver Vincentian formation via a mobile internet platform and satellite connection over a five year period in the Parish of San Pedro, Mocomoco, and to 25 VERY rural communities without telecommunications or electricity. Materials, equipment, and first 18 months of connectivity: $19,925.00 (paid for by the Vincentian Mission Award. We won!). Continuing connection: $5,400.00 / year.

Project: Send Aymaran youth to a good college: Costs for tuition and materials: $628.00 per year (I know, it sounds impossible, but it’s beyond the reach of our folks without help).

You can read the project descriptions and the church plans will be posted soon! Click the “DONATE NOW!”balloon to help out…