Kids! We took them on Saturday day trip for some fun and fellowship. It was all part of a long and wonderful week. We started off with a reunion of the mission team: Fathers Diego y Cyril, Snras. Violetta and Flora (pastoral assitants of Italaque and Mocomoco, respectively) and yours truly. I took a few pictures. We had a wonderful celebration of the culmination of the “Year of the Priest”, with Mass followed by a festive supper in the parish of Italaque. And to top it off, today I received a beautiful card from Sr. Mary Louise Shulas, Mrs. Scamardella and class “7W’ (seventh grade) of St. Augustine of Canterbury School in Kendall Park, NJ. They’ve been praying for me all year and it’s been a wonderful support to me in my first year in Bolivia!

Monday and Tuesday was the catechist formation reunion in Escoma, where we studied and played together. Topics included inculturation, liturgical music, and local climate change responses. It was a joyful inspiring time, including prayer, Mass, and dancing in the streets!

I spent Wednesday cleaning the yard and building an “anti-dog” defense around our garbage cans. Aladino – a smart, husky-hound mix — likes to pick through the trash and put pieces all over the back yard. Thursday through Sunday was our own parish planning reunion, with our pastoral council and our catechists, studying and learning about celebrations of the Word of God, and planning the first round of Mission visits. Our six-month parish Vincentian Marian mission begins in July. In the new year, we’ll begin our follow-up rural Vincentian Marian formation program, delivered with the first ever Vincentian mobile internet/satellite platform, bringing the riches of Vinformation (translated to Spanish and Aymara) to some of the most distant communities. This will be made possible through the “Vincentian Mission Award”: we’re a winner this year!