I once read an article about folks in Tanzania purifying water by
using water-filled plastic bottles and placing them on the roof. Since
safe drinking water is an issue here, I researched a little and
apparently the combination of heat and UVA radiation does the trick.
We’ll have lots of sun for months.
Tonight, I took 20 bottles, almost filling each, shaking to oxygenate,
then filled them to the top and capped them tightly. Tomorrow morning,
before leaving for Viscachani for Mass, I’ll place them on a southside
corrugated metal roof that gets the strong sun all day. Oddly,
Viscachani is one of the bottled water dealers here in Bolivia, so it
seems wonderfully ironic to be re-using their bottles to make clean
water as we celebrate Eucharist in a village of the same name.

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Rev. Aidan R. Rooney, C.M
Sit khitimpis sarnaqta, ukat sam khititasa (Aymara: Tell me who you
hang with and I’ll tell you who you are.)