Ahh Sunday… and it was. Unlike yesterday, we were treated to bright sunshine and mild temperatures (55-60F). Mass was as usual, perhaps a bit light on attendance. very few of the kids, because there parents
have them preparing for the feria probably. Or, they’re just being lazy because Diego is away and the “new guy” (me) doesn’t know any better! Today’s collection: 12.5 Bolivianos. That’s about a buck seventy-five. One of the catechists presented me with a gift of about five pounds of good looking beef. I bought some potatoes, carrots, greens, and tomatoes at the feria. Tomorrows dinner will be a nice pot roast since I have the time. After Mass, Roberto and I closed out April’s accounts — we’re about 1500 Bolivianos in the hole. No salaries for Diego and me (again). Thank goodness for generous folks in Spain and the USA, and the worldwide CM support.

Later in the afternoon I headed over to Cotosi. It’s only about an hour away by car, on the same road as yesterday, but things had dried a bit. We had a lovely celebration of the Eucharist with about 30 folks, and then shared a common meal of cheese, corn, potato and a spicy onion/garlic sauce. I filled the car up with teenagers who were happy to hitch a ride to Mocomoco for school in the morning. It’s a 3-4 hour walk for them, and they appreciate the ride and the time to laugh together at the very large gringo priest who speaks Aymara like a baby and Spanish like a dimwit.

It was a good day for washing, too, getting the red mud out of trouser cuffs and washing dirty albs. And a very dirty car. Late dinner — my version of Sloppy Joes. Yummmmy.


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  1. Following your blog–Happy Nice weather and sun filled days to you!!Hoping your card and account can be utilized very soon ! Sounds like your week is off to a very good start. Mine is not so great–work injury last week, dislocated my left knee-ambulance .hospital,seeing the surgeon tomorrow-hopefully no surgery will be required. My right knee is already pinned and wired together. Knee problems run in the Rooney side of the family. Poor Mom can hardly stand it at 89 yrs. old ! Keep me in your prayers. Be well-cousin Tricia

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