Today our working group met with a draft document devised by our group’s coordinating committee for comments, additions, deletions, etc. It is clear that three areas will receive emphasis. [1] An acceptable numerical target for reduction of greenhouse gases is 300 ppm. This translates to about a 1.5 degree Celsius increase in average temperature. The world can cope with that. It is a compromise. [2] Decisions about energy production and resource uses should promote the common good of all, not just benefit the few. The effects of climate change are substantially borne by the poorest of the poor. They, their spiritualities, value systems, and their voices must be in the forefront of continuing discussions. [3] Respect for the environment and respect for the human person are of part of a single piece. The Andean peoples speak of respecting the Pachamama (the cosmos or mother earth) and Jaqinaka (human beings in community) Our considerations will reflect this. We will look together at a final draft tomorrow

I will post the result of our deliberations.