It’s Saturday night here in Cochabamba, and my homily’s finished for tomorrow. It’ll be my first attempt of preaching without notes. God have mercy on the folks. It’s the Feast of Cristo Rey, so it’ll be a grand celebration. Some of my fellow language students are coming and we’ll head out for some breakfast afterwards.

I had an email from Diego (the Vincentian pastor) and Flora ( the Lay Leader) of our parish in Mocomoco yesterday. The rains have finally come to the Altiplano, so the people have started planting. Gracias a Dios and Pachamama! It had been so dry and the rain so late there was a worry of a regional food shortage. The picture is of Flora and yours truly shopping for emergency food in La Paz four weeks ago. It will be good to get back to Mocomoco in December and start to work. I’ve had enough of the “student” business at this point.

I spent the day today with Abdo Eid, another Vincentian priest and member of our mission team. He’s just finished six months doing research on religious life in Bolivia, and we spent all morning and afternoon analyzing data. I never expected my statistics background (SUNY Buffalo and Niagara) would come in handy down here!

This evening I’ve been connecting and re-connecting with old friends — Facebook never ceases to amaze me. Six degrees of separation. Not even. I have a couple of emails to respond to and then off to sleep. If the mosquitoes will stop. Alright. The connection keeps dropping. I’m looking forward to a Thanksgiving phone call with family next week. Have a great holiday, wherever you’re at!