I failed (again) today to successfully navigate the ins and outs of the Bolivian immigration system. Becoming accustomed to frustration, and a couple brief chats with Cyril and Abdo, (confreres) has taken the edge off. I can begin to imagine what it’s like for a newcomer to the good ol’ USA. Every country has its system and its goals,some designed to keep folks out, some just designed to proptect the citzenry. Whatever the goal, it’s difficult to understand the system when you’re still learning the language, the public trans system, etc.

I got an email from a friend in El Salvador today. There’s still so much suffering there. A leader of an environmental group was found executed in “death squad” style. When I get back to Cochabmba I’ll post the story. Please consider writing Congress.

Finally, Happy St. Martin de Porres Day to all my Philly friends (and GO PHILS! — we Mets fans have to back the NL).