As many of you know, I have been waiting for a new assignment to our “international missions.” These missions are collaborations sponsored by the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission, usually in areas where the Community has never been before. News has come. It’s a bit sketchy, but things will begin to clarify now at a quicker pace.

The decision has been made to continue our commitment in the Diocese of El Alto, Bolivia, and we will do it two different ways. There is a rural zone where three of the four confreres work. There are actually three remote parishes among the poorest of the poor. Because of distances and the inability to have greater experience of community, we have eliminated one of those three parishes and we will be informing the Bishop. That leaves two parishes.

I have been asked to join Father Diego Plá from the Province of Madrid in one of the two parishes where he now works alone: Mocomoco. I need to arrive sometime in September, and will probably have to do some “readjusting” first in the area of Cochabamba where the Daughters of Charity and the Director of the Daughters of Charity are prior to going to the altitudes of Mocomoco. I’m sure I’ll do some advanced Spanish study early on, and some Aymara study (which I’ve begun here courtesy of the University of Chicago) in 2010.

Later on Fr. Greg Gay (our superior general) will be negotiating with the Bishop in Cochabamba with the possibility of opening a mission there with another three to four confreres. But that’s for the future.

We will have a residence in the city of El Alto (which will be the mailing address – I’ll post it soon) for those times when we need to come down and rest and do any kind of shopping that might be necessary for the mission.

I’m investigating communication/internet/power options so I can continue my web 2.0 stuff. I’ve weaned myself off the Mac [ 🙁 ] and switched using a ruggedized Dell XFR360 running Ubuntu Linux.

And away we go . . . .