Here’s a little info on the situation on my upcoming assignment in El Alto, Bolivia (September 2009):
With ambassadors being expelled and unrest claiming the lives of dozens, the recent upheaval in Bolivia has put this Andean nation on the radar of US public attention. Most people in the US, however, know little about Bolivia other than
the election of that nation’s first indigenous president, Evo Morales and the right-wing caricature of him as a puppet of Hugo Chavez.

This video is a rare opportunity to hear about the history and context of the current push for autonomy by four lowland provinces from a premier analyst who has lived in Bolivia for the past 18 years. You will also learn about the proposed new constitution, the role of racism in Bolivia, and the nationalization of major industries and natural resources.

Since 1999, the featured speake, Kathryn Ledebur, has directed the Andean Information Network (AIN), which promotes human rights and socioeconomic justice in Bolivia and more humane and effective illicit drug control policies. the group she represents, the Andean Information Network, provides information and analysis to NGO colleagues, the media and international policymakers on developments in Bolivia and the impact of U.S. government and European policies