Wednesday July 9

Thanks to everyone who replied. It’s good to feel connected.

We had a great morning teaching, even though we are overwhelmed by the number of willing students at both sites. Alicia has 50 students for her 2nd grade class at Ginjo. Kayde and |Emily have had to divide there classes onto early and late sessions. Matt is hard at work having his 8th and 9th graders begin work on their autobiographies.

This afternoon, rain cancelled our outdoor recreation program, so we waited for the storm to pass, and then went into town for banking, post office, etc.

Tonight, we’ll meet at Abba Lucas’s house for reflection, dinner, and our usual dance party (yeah, me, at a dance party!)

Sister Tsege has gone to Addis with her mother and sister for another sisters’ (blood sister) graduation, and will return on Monday, so we are “on our own” for the first time, walking a lot between sites, and planning a hike to the palace of Abba Jiffar – the last king of Kaffa.

More to come.