I’ll be posting text and video as often as I can while I’m in Ethiopia. Today, we’re in Chicago, courtesy of Dennis Holtschneider, C.M., doing our final preparation. We had a wonderful session on VinFam spirituality. Here are some reflections.

I was intrigued today by Mary Beth Kubera’s reference to St. Louise’s artistic side. I began to wonder how that side of her life had impact in her encounter with the world. Ethiopia s such a stunningly beautiful country, so varied in landscape — both ecologically and humanly — and so rich in experiences that can engage the senses. There are vistas, flavors, smells, textures, sounds that are all new. Am I willing and prepared to allow all of this to inform both my head and my heart?

I was also struck by Christy Leming’s references to accepting the hospitality that is offered. How will I do that and remain present, without constantly slipping into my all too familiar analytical mode of encountering culture?

Finally, how will I deepen the relationships I have already made there?