What is absolutely fundamental about being a human being? To C.S. Lewis, in his “Mere Christianity,” it is the capacity to disclose the Divine. During the Christian season of Advent, we are asked to consider how the Divine’s assumption of humanity discloses this deepest truth. This week’s podcast considers how this truth can assist us in finding our way.


One thought on “"mere" humanity

  1. Lewis is a favorite of mine. I have the majority of his works — apologetics, Narnia, the space trilogy, etc. — on my bookshelf.

    It’s interesting to think of the intersection of God and Man as “what Christ asked of us in taking on our humanity, sanctifying our flesh […] to reveal God to one another”. Not only did God fashion us in His own image, but He took our humanity in the person of Jesus. That act bridged a gap between the divine and the human; it “sanctif[ied] our flesh” as Lewis put it, it made the division between us and God one of purity of heart (being free from sin), not one of purity of flesh. Leviticus, among other books, testifies to the rigorous process of fleshly cleanliness required to be in God’s presence.

    Christ, complete in his humanity (as well as his divinity), revealed God to us. So to, as Lewis writes, we “reveal God to one another”. This revelation which we take part in is tied to our Advent preparations, where mountains are lowed and valleys are raised, by the power of God working through humanity. My reflection on this coming Sunday’s readings touch on this.

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