A group of 22 young leaders from St. John’s University arrived just before midnight at the Vincentian Youth Center of St. Joseph’s Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey (USA). Having braved a November wind and rain storm, the “Red Storm”‘s finest settled in for a good night’s sleep. This morning, they were up at 7 AM, chowing down and heading out to serve with the poor in New Jersey’s capitol city, Trenton. They’ll be at various sites associated with St. Joe’s LeaderworX and JusticeworX summer formation programs. The goal is not simply to provide service, but to analyze and criticize the social, political, and economic systems that demand the presence of an underclass and deny the poor access to menaingful employment and resources.

The effort is the first weekend-based justice learning experience (a modified “urban plunge”) for collegians hosted by St. Joe’s. Niagara U “Purple Eagles” will soar down here in January (they are used to traveling in snow!) All of these programs are to provide the kinds of experiences that encourage young people to experience themselves as part of a community of the young who are allowing ideals of justice to influence their lives at a crucial juncture of their developement. We’re all finding our way . . .together!