Had the pleasure last night of being with about 150 (mas o menos) Latino YAs in Brooklyn last night. They are the current incarnation of a 40 year old youth movement called “Jornada.” Their motto is “Youth evangelizing youth!”

The evening consisted of the celebration of the Eucharist, followed by a meeting that was related to welcoming in a group of young men who had just “lived” their first Jornada weekend experience. It was a high energy, high relationship evening. I write about it to let everyone in the FOW world know that they have solid brothers and sisters in Brooklyn who are finding their way in life together. Hopefully, some of them will comment and share their hopes and perspectives. Visiting as well were a group of university students from Thomas Aquinas University in Grand Rapids Michigan. They are in Brooklyn on break doing service at the Vincentian parish in Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn.

The learning for all of us is that perhaps THE key ingredient of finding our way is being in relationship with other spiritual, grounded, intentional seekers who have found that being of service and doing justice is a source of meaning, purpose and happiness